Sunday, February 1, 2015

Master Path 4 Legalization of Marijuana in Kentucky

Currently, there's only two ways to get Marijuana legalized in Kentucky:

Get Frankfort to pass an Amendment and get Kentucky people to vote on it

Get Frankfort to pass a comprehensive Marijuana bill, and just be done with it

The language of the Law:

(1) The People of the Commonwealth of Kentucky declare that the purposes of this Act are:

(a) To eliminate the problems caused by the prohibition and uncontrolled manufacture, delivery, and possession of marijuana within this state;

(b) To protect the safety, welfare, health, and peace of the people of this state by prioritizing the state's limited law enforcement resources in the most effective, consistent, and rational way;

This Act is to legalize, regulate, tax, and license Marijuana in Kentucky for cultivation, sale, and consumption. Concentrated THC products will be regulated. Public use of marijuana will remain illegal. The only public place Marijuana use will be accepted will be at licensed retail smoke shops. All Marijuana businesses must be located 1,000 feet away from public schools. All adults will be allowed to raise and purchase Marijuana for personal use. 12.5% excise tax will be applied for all licensed smoke shops, with the first $40 million to be earmarked for a public hospital capital construction assistance fund, and the second $40 million for public housing. All other laws regarding Marijuana will be amended, or removed. No taxes on producers for 5 years. Licenses will be offered for those who want to raise more than 100 acres.

*Should be passed concurrently with Kentucky Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (like Colorado) [where the taxpayers got all the residual profits]


  1. The Governor would be required to pardon persons convicted of non violent cannabis crimes against the State of Kentucky.

  2. Please clarify:

    Concentrated THC products will be regulated.

    What rate of THC would be considered a "concentrated" amount and exactly how would you want to regulate that?

    Sheree Krider

    1. I think just having a label on them would suffice. There were many folks who ate some high THC brownies in Colorado, and they just passed out for 10 hours or so, not realizing how much THC were in them. So... a label.